Jr. MOVRS is a physical literacy program for kids in the Rochester, NY area. What is physical literacy? Found out in the description below!

Jr. MOVRS is for kids ages 5-12.

Here at MOVRS, we believe in the importance of play and movement in kids’ lives. Kids learn best through movement, and they move when they play. That’s why we have created Jr. MOVRS, a physical literacy program geared towards letting kids do just that. We’re not teaching kids how to exercise just to get fit. Instead, the goal is teaching kids how to solve movement challenges so they can charge into the world and live with freedom and fearlessness.

Physical Literacy is the capacity to interact with the environment and is characterized by the physical competence, confidence, motivation, as well as knowledge and understanding, to pursue and master the broadest possible range of physical activity throughout a lifetime.

Put simply, we are going to teach your child to roll, throw, jump, kick, squat, etc., so that they can express movement through practice and movement play and begin to develop strength. Too often, children enroll in high level athletic leagues and competitions without the foundational movement skills to keep them safe and perform well in those activities.

This program is based around the principles of The Brand X Method, world leaders in youth fitness. Each class will be led by instructor Brian Lang, who is an Elementary Physical Education Teacher, a Professional Youth Coach, and a Certified Functional Strength Coach. Classes will consist of a warm-up, skill focus, workout, and a game, with play infused throughout.

Enrollment for each class will be capped at 10, and will follow all current COVID-19 regulations as per Monroe County. Additional information will be provided upon registration.

Thank you and we are looking forward to working with you!